Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure for young adults, but why is it necessary?

Dentists at Southbrook Dental Group assess through digital x-rays and an oral exam whether wisdom teeth are a problem or could be a future problem. Some patients have space for them and can keep them clean but others find them difficult to maintain. Other patients have wisdom teeth that aren’t visible and these teeth can still cause issues such as damage to the teeth they are closest to. Wisdom teeth extractions are better done at a younger age as bone hardens with age and it makes their removal more difficult. These type of extractions can be often completed with the aid of Oral Sedation which can relieve some dental anxiety.

If you experience pain, swelling, shifting, pressure or notice a bad odour near your back teeth, contact our office to schedule an appointment. If treatment is delayed it could lead to problems after surgery has been performed, such as heavy bleeding, decay, damaged teeth, fractured teeth, numbness or lack of movement of your jaw.