Conservative, Cost Effective, One Appointment Smile Changes

Composite Chairside Bonding is completed in one appointment with minimal to no reduction of existing teeth and often without freezing.  They are effective in correcting spacing issues, reshaping malformed, chipped or fractured teeth.  They can aesthetically improve the shade of darkened or discoloured teeth.  They can also reshape the teeth to help support the gums and bone more where they have receded.  These types of Bonding are a great temporary or permanent alternative to a porcelain veneers as they offer a more feasible financial option.  Composite Bonding is also easier to repair as there is no lab cost and the whole filling doesn’t always have to be removed to repair it.

Bonding  Types:

  • Cosmedent or Composite Chairside Veneers
  • Black Triangle Closure fillings

Cosmedent Chairside Veneers

A microfilled filling material is used to create a veneer for your teeth.  It can attain a high gloss polish with Cosmedent polishing disks that is comparable to the glaze used on porcelain veneers.

Black Triangle Closure fillings

Hard to clean black triangles that develop between your front teeth due to gum recession after orthodontics or damage from calculus/tartar which caused bone and gum loss can be filled.  This can aesthetically reshape your teeth and effectively give you a more supported, youthful, easier to clean and maintain smile.

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These are photographs of Dr Mundt’s patient and treatment. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.