Oral Sedation

Relieve Anxiety With Oral Sedation.

Southbrook staff and dentists try their best to make everyone’s dental visit comfortable. For your comfort we offer blankets (some are heated), dark sunglasses, neck and knee pillows, TVs in the ceiling with headphones (some are noise cancelling) or ear plugs to block out noise, massage treatment chairs as well as monitor you for your comfort. We know and understand that for some individuals this is not enough and they have anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Whether it has been a bad past experience or just having someone work in their personal space. We understand and offer oral sedation to individuals to help them relax and be able to have positive dental experiences in order for everyone to have optimal oral health. Sedation is often used to relax a gag reflex as well.

Dentists have to review medical histories of patients to ensure that this is an option for them. Approximately an hour prior to the appointment a sedative is given to the patient to help them relax and sometimes they fall asleep. Most of the time there is also an amnesic effect as well.

The sedative can affect your motor skills and response time, you will need to have someone drive you from and to your home after the procedure is complete and monitor you closely for 24 hours. Activities such as driving, drinking alcohol, and operating machinery need to be avoided until the sedation has completely worn off.

Oral sedation allows you to remain conscious and responsive during your appointment but very relaxed. All sedation dentistry procedures are strictly regulated by Alberta Dental Association regulations and requirements for your safety.

For more information about sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.