Teeth Whitening

Easy and Conservative Cosmetic Dental Care

An examination of your mouth assessing your teeth and gum’s health should be done before any whitening is considered. This will ensure that your teeth and gingiva are at their healthiest to support your overall health before you proceed with an elective treatment to ensure that whitening doesn’t cause you any issues.

Typically most whitening is done at home for 1-2 weeks for half an hour once a day. Treatment time and system recommended depends on how clean your teeth are, how quickly your teeth lift colour, how sensitive your teeth are, your staining habits such as red wine drinking or smoking, how white you want them to be and how quickly you need it done.

Whitening options are:

  • outside clinic products such as Crest white strips
  • sheer whitening strips
  • Spa-dent 2 in 1 take home
  • Spa-dent Boost
  • Pola night whitening gel
  • Internal/walking bleaching
  • Zoom

Sheer Whitening strips

These are similar to crest white strips but they have a stronger concentration of gel and they stick to your teeth.

Spa-Dent 2 in 1 take home

This kit has a generic one size fits all tray which you load with whitening gel and it uses a take home blue light to help activate the gel at home. This gel has properties that help with sensitivity during the whitening process.

Spa-Dent Boost

This whitening system is offered after a cleaning appointment for an extra 10 minutes in the chair. It boosts your whitening with a strong gel to start with and you take a gel home to continue the process with a generic size tray. This system is good for those who normally have sensitivity.

Pola night whitening gel syringes

Custom trays are made to fit your mouth. The bleaching solution is placed inside the tray and worn on your teeth.

Internal Bleaching/Walking Bleach

This is considered when there is a single discoloured root canal treated tooth. The gel is placed inside the tooth for 3-5 days and sealed with a temporary filling.


If you want the quickest results Zoom is what you should consider as we try to get you as white as we can in one appointment. This procedure is done in the office by a dental assistant or hygienist. There are up to four 15 minute sessions activated by the zoom light source. As this is the quickest process there can be sensitivity during and after this procedure. If there is sensitivity it will only last 24 hours.

For more information about teeth whitening options or what would work best for you please call our office.