New Patient Experience

We Would Like to Welcome You To Our Dental Family. We Want to Thank You For Choosing Our Dental Practice and We Look Forward to Meeting You!

We would like to review what we discussed with you in our first conversation outlining what will happen in your first visit with us so you have no surprises.

  • You will meet our reception team and they will enter your paperwork into our dental charting system
  • you will then meet our friendly assistant or hygienist and they will show you to your room
  • we will take the necessary photographs of your individual teeth, profile, smile, bite and jaws to be able to start a baseline to monitor your mouth conditions
  • we will take all the necessary X-rays including a PAN, BWs and PAs
  • we will update your dental clinical chart
  • we will use the velscope light to do an oral cancer screen
  • we will take your blood pressure
  • your new dentist will do a comprehensive dental, oral tissue, head and neck exam and discuss all of your concerns
  • your hygienist will do your dental cleaning and answer any questions you have
  • if we have any concerns about your oral care we will discuss this with you
  • you will be presented with a treatment plan and the dentist will let you know what needs treatment with options for treatment
  • if you have questions or need to spend more time with the dentist to discuss your treatment a consult will be booked for you