UPDATED: December 9, 2020

The team at Southbrook Dental Group is pleased to inform you we are still open and here to assist you in maintaining your oral health. We are aware that the end of the year is approaching quickly and many dental benefits will be rolling over, most of our patients do not want to lose what they have left. We will do our very best to accommodate people who need to see us before January.  We are following very stringent policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we can assure you that you will feel very safe when you come for your appointment. If you have any questions about our COVID procedures please call us at 780-988-8190.

We are here for you!

UPDATED: June 19, 2020

Thank you for your continued patience with us as we juggle our gradual reopening and book everyone in that has oral health care needs. We have continued to recall staff back to work as our PPE arrives and allows.  We care for all of you and are doing our best to start booking you back again as soon as we are able.  We are working very hard to catch up all of you who were forced to postpone your appointments because of the Pandemic closure and still need your oral health care treated.  If there is a day that works well for you please let us know by email request.  If we have availability that day or it opens up short notice we will try our best to get you in as we have such strict guidelines that our schedules change daily and sometimes hourly. If you are willing and able to move your appointment to a later date to accommodate those that are overdue, we would be ever so grateful.   If you are in need of treatment please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.

We are happy to announce along with Alberta’s continued launch of stage 2 reopening we also have been able to treat more individuals as more environmentally-friendly washable gowns have been received.  We have been able to add back 2 of our 3 amazing hygienists.  Sarah started June 9, Jana started June 16 and we are excited that Lucy will start June 23, 2020.  Our work family is almost complete again.  We have had all but one temporary team member return to work with us, which has made a little bump in the road to bring Dr Steed back to work with more availability as we don’t a long term support member for him right now. We apologize for this and are working to fill the position with those applying as soon as we find a member that we feel will be the best suited for our office.

Some of us are now starting to get into a new routine into our third week with all of our new protocols and new gear.  We apologize in advance for our time consuming costume changes as it takes a little bit to gear up and gear down but we are thinking of installing a superman phone booth to fast track us and serve you better.  Safety is our number one priority for everyone and we are willing and able to change daily to do what we need to inorder to keep everyone safe and protected.  Masks are now cool and everyone is wearing them. They are even on the fashion runways.  Thank you in advance for complying with the new mask regulations that we need to follow in order to reopen safely.

We are so blessed to have an extended family who cares about us and sewed us gowns when there were none to be found. Special thank you to Dr Mundt’s mother Marion, Auntie Agnes, Auntie Lorraine, Nola, Laura and Ann for helping. We would not have been able to reopen as soon as we have without the hard work and expertise they put in to sewing gowns for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you to all of you who have shown your care and concern for us. We really appreciate all your inquiries and support and words cannot express how much this warms our hearts and encourages us.

We hope this message finds everyone well and able to work for those who have a position that is still open. We understand working from home can be a huge change and challenge as we have also lived through this. With this new experience there can be a lot of new stress. All of these new work stressors, guidelines and protocols along with if you have you children at home who you need to work around, play referee for and keep on task to do their school work is difficult. Please take the time to ensure that you are not stressing your teeth, jaw joint and muscles.   If you find any of these are bothering you please don’t hesitate to phone so we can assess if something needs to be done for you. We want to help prevent the irreversible damage clenching and grinding can cause to your jaw joint and teeth during high stress.  Please phone us for techniques and tips to incorporate some relaxation back into your life.

We also understand how frustrating it is for those who have been laid off. We understand and would like to help in any way we can to support your oral health. Please contact us if you have an oral health issue and we will try to find a way to help you, give you advise or suggestions and direct you to what can be done and the cost with payment plans or programs available to those who have no coverage. No matter what your situation is we understand and are here to help.

We continue to miss all of you and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. Keep smiling (even if it is under a mask) as it releases neuropeptides to fend off stress, it releases endorphins as a mild pain reliever, and it releases serotonin as a natural antidepressant. All of these will help support your mental and emotional well being. Smiling also provides comfort to the community by supporting and connecting with others that have been alone or are lonely from less ability to interact with others and in turn we will help support your smile in any way we can.

See you soon
Dr Tanya Mundt (now sporting an 80’s hair style not by choice but by new PPE induced bad hair days)

UPDATED: May 16, 2020

Hello again Southbrook Dental family. We thank you for your patience over the last few months and we trust and hope that everyone is doing well. We too have been patiently waiting for guidance from the chief medical officer, the Alberta Government, Alberta Dental Association and Alberta Dental Hygiene Association. Now that we have heard from all of them we are excited to inform you that we are planning and hoping to re-open Southbrook Dental Group on Monday June 1, 2020 as long as phase 1 continues to move forward and we receive our needed PPE. Our regular hours maybe altered a little to transition back to reopening but we will let you know. Our supplies, including required PPE for our staff, and new equipment are starting to trickle in. We are social distance training with new required Alberta Dental Association COVID-19 protocol, as we are required to do a few extra steps to help prevent the spread of the virus. We are continuing to train so we can be prepared with all of our new requirements to make your patient experience similar to what you are used to receiving from us as we value your time, your health and your safety. We are doing our very best to try to open when it is the safest for everyone to do so. In the meantime Dr Steed and myself, Dr Mundt, are still answering phone messages for emergency and urgent care matters.

Our new PPE will make us look a little different than what you are used to seeing us wear, but it will be similar to what you have see nurses and doctors wearing in the hospitals if you watch the news. Over the years we have worked on our conversation with you through your rubber dams and now we challenge you to hear and understand us through all of our new gear. We will do our very best to be understood, but if this proves to be difficult, we still have our amazing ability to listen. Dr Mundt will amateurishly model the new stylish, chic equipment and post it to facebook and instagram once she has it (don’t be jealous, if Dr Mundt can look this good, anyone can). Please let your children see this new equipment before they come in so they know about it before their appointment.

We kindly ask if you have a bill to pay or you need to schedule an appointment you do so by phone and we will be more than happy to deal with what ever matter you have in that fashion. We need to limit the amount of people that come in and out of our clinic. We appreciate you cooperation in these matters. We will be contacting all of you in the next few weeks, those of you who have been patiently waiting to have your oral health concerns addressed and those of you who had to have your appointments moved during the Pandemic closure period.

Once you have an appointment booked with us, there will be a few extra steps for us to follow to ensure your health and safety and everyone around us. We apologize in advance for having to call you to pre-screen before your appointment as many of us have become accustomed to confirming and responding through text or e-mail. We will need to pre-screen you more than once for any COVID-19 symptoms as we are required to do so. This virus can work very quickly in some individuals and we need to monitor and ensure that all patients who come into our health facility and staff are free of symptoms for the health and safety of everyone. We encourage and ask that you kindly wear a mask (or scarf if you do not have a mask) to and from our office. Our front staff will also be wearing masks and scrubs so we will all look the same. As soon as you arrive, we ask that you message or phone us to let us know that you have arrived and please remain in your vehicle for us to screen you at your vehicle. We will give clear instructions with our messaging service once we know what features it has and what it can do. Part of the screening process will get you to sign a consent form to do treatment during this Pandemic time. Once the screening is done by one of our staff members we will escort you right to your room for treatment. You will be asked to wash your hands before and after your appointment. You will need to do a pre-rinse with either a peroxide or chlorohexidine rinse, which is a safe rinse you have already been doing before your cleanings. We have purchased air purifiers to help turn over the air in our clinic quickly to ensure your safety especially in the air quality we breathe. We have also installed plexiglass barriers and another air purifier in the reception area to help keep you safe during your payment and signature process. We will be wiping down all surfaces, machines and writing instruments after every individual use. We thank you again for your patience and time in even reading all of these details. We don’t want anyone to think we are rude or treating anyone differently as we are just practicing universal precautions for everyone.

The Alberta Hygiene Association has allowed hygienists to return to work on May 19, 2020. They have restricted their services to hand scaling only to prevent aerosols that are generated with the cavitron machine. We highly recommend that you purchase a water pik, use it more frequently or pull it out of the box to do what you can with biofilm and plaque removal at home to help support the health of your teeth, gums and bone. The healthier your oral environment is the healthier you can be. Any inflammation in your body creates an immune response, which causes your immune system to be on overdrive and it is constantly fighting something weakening you against other inflammation and infections. We want you to be as healthy as you can be and to keep you healthy.

We don’t want to forget to thank again all of the first line responders that have been tirelessly working through all of the stress of this situation. I especially appreciate our doctors and nurses that are selflessly taking care of all those that need medical attention even when the risk is high for them to do so. We appreciate the grocers shopping for some of us to either get deliveries or pickups, and their tireless work to restock shelves when it seems like they just stocked toilet paper an hour ago. Now that I am patiently waiting for my supplies I so appreciate the work of our truck drivers, delivery drivers, mail sorters and anyone else that helps in delivery systems. Thank you again to those helping with opening up further services to serve their communities in phase 1. We also want to thank all those who supported their neighbours, family and friends as it is going to make us stronger as a community when we band together.

Our family has learned many things during this slow down that will make us stronger for our future. We have learned that there is beauty in simplicity. We have all enjoyed our extra time with our family and we have all grown closer, watched families become tighter units supporting one another, and learned that we love to have others teach our children. We look forward to hearing what you have learned out of this experience we have never in our lifetime encountered before.

Stay tuned as Dr. Mundt, your friendly not so giant dentist, will do some book readings especially for children (adults can listen if they like) so that they recognize her voice.   She may look like an astronaut but she will still sound the same, just a little more muffled. She does not want to discourage them from coming to the dentist or to look at her differently just because she has more equipment on.

We will try to do everything possible to see all of you as soon as we can and we appreciate everyone’s patience. We still miss all of you and each other. We look forward to our next visit with you.


I have only been telling inside jokes during my social distancing.

Have a good long weekend!!!


Dr Tanya Mundt

UPDATED: May 3, 2020

Hello to all of you from Southbrook Dental Group.  I will start by spreading some good news to you about how much our team has become live webinar educated by utilizing our new found time wisely.  Dr Mundt especially has been training in an indepth program called the healthy start, which is honestly ground breaking for children and their health and how it can help them sleep better.  It was developed by an orthodontist and is a safe and natural way to help retrain the tongue to position it properly while swallowing during sleep so it can support the upper jaw better for proper growth and development.  It harnesses (especially the younger we start) the growth of the lower jaw to move downward and forward (with no surgery) to support the sometimes compressed jaw joints and most significantly their airway without braces.  9 out of 10 children have some form of sleep disordered breathing that they most likely will not outgrow and 30% chance it will get worse as they get older. If you are aware or bothered by a child who snores, constantly mouth breathes, grinds their teeth, wets their bed, has night terrors, has trouble focusing, ADHD, memory issues, has dark circles under their eyes or if you have Alzheimer’s or dementia in your family to name a few you need to look at this program to see if it is right for you and your child.  There are free parent webinars on Wednesday this week (May 6) and possibly next week if you would like to learn more about it.  You can register for it at  If not Dr Mundt will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Please do so through our email at


Now I would like to update you on some more good news about our dental services at Southbrook Dental Group.  I am sure by now everyone in Alberta has heard the premier’s relaunch strategy announcement he made on April 30, 2020.  He shared that dental offices, as essential services, are now allowed to offer more emergency and urgent treatment operating under new public health strict guidelines starting May 4, if the chief medical officer feels the situation remains stable.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have still been mandated by our Alberta Dental Association to limit our services to emergencies and urgent care only to protect Albertan’s health and limit the spread. These emergencies include oral-facial trauma treatment, infection or swelling, prolonged bleeding, pain, which cannot be managed by over the counter medications or management of known or high risk malignancy.  Other urgent care that can be addressed now are wisdom tooth pain, severe nerve sensitivity to hot and cold lasting longer than 10 seconds, cracked teeth or fractures causing significant pain or trauma, cavities or defective fillings causing pain, pre-surgical clearance for medical procedures to name a few.  If you are a patient of record and have a dental emergency or require urgent care please leave a detailed phone message and Dr Steed or myself, Dr Mundt will get back to you as soon as we possibly can to speak to you in person to help you with your urgent or emergency matter.  Please email any other inquiries to  As we have limited staff right now it may only be checked once a week so please be patient.


We understand that there is still a shortage of personal protective equipment for all those in our community doing essential work to keep us alive, healthy, protected, fed and supplied and we have done our part to help protect those on the front lines.  They are truly our heroes and we want to thank them for their services. We understand this shortage as we are now having issues ordering these items for ourselves.  During our closure we did our part by limiting our orders to ensure that health systems could triage the equipment to the hardest hit areas so they could replenish their supply and demand. Dental Supply companies are trying their best to help all offices get their personal protective equipment they require in order to keep our community, patients, patient’s families, staff and staff’s families protected and safe.  Once we hopefully receive these items they will make us look a little different but please be reassured we are still the same caring individuals underneath all of it.  We are still the same individuals who have learned about new dental products that will impact many patients to be the healthiest individuals they can be.  We are still the same individuals who care about the health and safety of our patients, their family’s, our community, our staff and their family’s.


As of May 3 we have not heard what further scope of dentistry we can do starting May 14 in the phase 1 reopening strategy so we will let everyone know when we know.  This has all been very sudden and our Alberta Dental Association only heard about this decision when the public announcement was made.  They have been tirelessly researching as well as many individuals in this practice looking at what we have to do to protect everyone in our practice and anyone that comes into our practice.  Nothing has been set in stone yet as they are looking at what is the safest, most effective and required during this Pandemic time.  Our highest priority is everyone’s health and safety and we will do what we canand have to, to keep everyone safe as we help everyone with their essential dental needs.


We appreciate your excitement, enthusiasm, loyalty as well as understanding of your need for personal oral and dental care to maintain your overall health. We are as excited to get back to work as you are to get your treatment done but we want to do it keeping in mind the safety of our community, our patients, their family’s, our staff and their family’s safety as our highest priority.  We continue to miss all of you and when it is safe for everyone to return back to work we would love to see all of your smiling faces spreading the good news.  We will address all of your concerns as soon as we reopen. Stay safe, happy and healthy.  We appreciate your continued patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.


If you do come in for an appointment we were instructed by our Alberta Dental Association to encourage our patients to wear masks when you enter and leave our office.  Unfortunately we are unable to supply these items as we don’t have them for ourselves so please make arrangements for this ahead of time.



Dr Tanya Mundt


Your friendly staff at Southbrook Dental Group are missing all of you.  At this time we are limited by the government of Alberta and the Alberta Dental Association to Emergency only care so please call to speak to a dentist directly if you have oral facial trauma, significant infection, prolonged bleeding or pain which cannot be managed by over the counter medications.  All of our other staff are not able to work right now but that is not deterring us from learning through CE about dentistry to help and serve you better.  We are not only expanding our dental knowledge with online courses during our social distancing but we are staying busy spending quality time with our children, home schooling, cuddling and training our pets, crocheting, cross stitching, reading , yoga, exercising, running, walking, meditating, cooking new foods, spring cleaning, organizing, catching up on paperwork and donating blood.  Some of us hope to even have time to learn a new language or brush up on a forgotten language.  Connect with us to tell us what you are doing to stay positive.  We would love to post children’s COVID-19 social distancing children’s art projects (maybe even adult’s) to display when we get back to the office.  Thank you to all those who have contacted us to see how we are doing.  We love to hear from you, especially about your good news and your encouragement but if you need encouragement from us we are here for you.

We don’t know at this time when we will be allowed to re-open but as soon as the government of Alberta and the Alberta Dental Association deem it is safe to do so we will contact all of you that had to reschedule your appointments or have had emergencies that we have not been able to attend to yet.  Stay safe, happy and healthy and we will eventually go back to normal which may be a new normal we will just wait and see.  Please keep social distancing to help out our community, doctors, nurses, nursing aids, those working in the medical settings, paramedics, EMTS, EMRs, police officers, fire fighters, anyone in the food industry, grocery store staff, bus drivers, delivery drivers and any others that I have forgotten to mention that are providing essential services to help all of us stay safe and healthy.    Once it is safe to do so our staff at Southbrook Dental Group will be back ready to help you and would love to hear from you and see you again.  Over and out for now.

Dr. Tanya Mundt


We have just received word from the Alberta Dental Association and College that effectively immediately all non-emergency dental services and treatments have been suspended. 

Emergency dental treatments may include treatment of oral-facial trauma, significant infection, prolonged bleeding or pain which cannot be managed by over-the-counter medications.

If you are in need of emergent care please contact us at 780-988-8190.  Our office will continue to follow the standards and protocols of infection control and sterilization and wish to remind all patients to inform us if any of the following apply to you:

  1. Have travelled in the last 14 days, or been in contact with someone who
    has travelled in the last 14 days;
  2. Have a high-fever or flu-like symptoms, including dry cough and shortness of breath;
  3. Have come into contact with someone who has, or who is being tested for COVID-19.

If any of these apply to you, we will be happy to reschedule your appointment accordingly. For more information regarding COVID-19 and precautionary steps you can take please visit these websites:


Government of Canada

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Dental Association


From our family to your family, take care of yourself and wash your hands 😊

Dr. Tanya Mundt and the Southbrook Dental Team